Skyrocketing Sales Solutions

Edition 10, April 26, 2004

"For those Who Want to Sell, Need to Sell, or Should Sell--to Sell More"                                                                                                                     April 2004

Dear Todd,

"I just wanted to drop you a few lines to thank you for the great work you did for my firm. 

It all started when I incorporated your philosophy of: 'Sell how you want to be sold' into my firm's marketing & sales programs. Since then sales soared and the company's internal processes have flowed together with much greater synergy than in the past. 

Next, the sales business plan you created for us took effect. The training manual allows us to hire and train a much higher level and quality of salesperson. The power point presentation raised our closing rates and profit margins to new heights. All of the prospects that have seen the new presentation have been highly impressed by it andas a direct result our closing rate and profit margins have significantly increased. 

In short, the new tools that you have provided us with will empower us to at least double last year's numbers and probably triple them! I am equally certain that with out your assistance this would not be possible."

Paul Baraz, President, Art of Construction,

Todd B. Natenberg
TBN Sales Solutions

What's in it for them?

Sales Tip of the Month 

"People buy on emotion. It's your job as the salesperson to trigger those emotions to create interest. Interest=opportunity."

Initial Benefit Statement: An explanation of what you are offering, what it means and why anyone should care - in the exact opposite order

Why should someone consider buying your product? Why should they take the time to hear you out, let alone meet with you? 

If you don't believe in your product or your services, no one else will. But believing in what you offer goes beyond having a good mental mindset. Being able to articulate in a clear, concise manner is essential to succeeding in sales. 

You must be able to state your initial benefit statement as a universal message. Having a "scripted" commercial explaining how you can help others from the onset is critical to your success. 

If you door knock, state your initial benefit to receptionists and secretaries. Why else should they help you get in the door to speak with the person in charge? If you are at a networking event, your initial benefit statement should intrigue others so they will chat with you rather than move on to the next attendee. 

When you speak on the phone for the first time to someone, tell them why they should care. How do you know they are the secretary? 

If you were from Publisher's Clearing House and your job was to visit businesses to give them checks for $1 million, do you think top company executives would stop what they are doing to speak with you for a moment? It would depend on what you say. 

If you say to the first person you meet, "I'd like to speak to So-and-So," without identifying who you were and your purpose, it would be hard to get an audience with a top executive. Wouldn't it?


Identify what you have in your arsenal, what you physically offer. 

For instance, at TBN Sales Solutions, our offerings include customized sales training, individual sales coaching, writing of sales business plans and training manuals, and our sales book. We establish structures and procedures in all facets of the sales process. 

Some might say "customized" training or "establishing structures" are benefits. But these are merely types of services. While other companies offer generic training to the general public, ours are mostly private programs designed specifically for a particular audience and company.


In any sales opportunity three outcomes are possible, not two: 

The prospect can either buy your service, buy your competition's service, or do nothing - and make no change. 

The advantage is why your feature will make their current situation better than it was before- from the salesperson's perspective. 

A critical difference between advantages and benefits is that an advantage is your interpretation of why a feature is better, not the prospect's. 

For instance, an advantage of TBN establishing structures is that now salespeople can control their own destiny. 

While some may ask if that's a benefit, who says controlling your own destiny is always a good thing? Sure, we think it is, but perhaps a larger company has a system in place, where they don't want salespeople thinking for themselves, crazy as it sounds. 


Benefits answers the age old questions customers ask, "What's in it for me?" 

A benefit is how your product will help your customers. It's a "translation" of the features and advantages to fit the individual prospect. 

Knowing and being able to verbalize benefits of your product separates you from your competition. 

Knowing benefits makes you a professional, not just another salesperson. For instance, the benefit of each of our features at TBN is three fold: 

Increase commissions for salespeople
Increase profits for businesses
Impact the bottom line

Action Exercise: 

1. Write 10 features of your product and company 

2. Write 10 advantages of these features 

3. Write 10 benefits of these advantages 

Compile them into an initial benefit statement: 

"TBN Sales Solutions increases commissions for salespeople and profits for businesses through customized training, coaching and consulting. We establish structures and procedures in all facets of the sales process, through workshops and individual sales coaching, to teach reps to control their own destiny, to impact the bottom line." 

People can't be interested in what they don't know exists.

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Monthly TBN Column debuts in Selling!

Read Todd's column in Dartnell's Selling! magazine. Entitled "Sales Process," the monthly articles will offer concrete sales tips, strategies, and advice in all aspects of Todd's 10-step selling process:

Set goals, Schedule, State Initial Benefit, Prospect, Obtain Referrals, Build the Business Case, Follow-up, Overcome Objections, Network, and Professional Development


Todd to be guest on legendary "Selling to Vito" radio show

Hear Todd be interviewed by Tony Parinello, author of Selling to Vito, on Tony's "Selling Across America" radio show on Friday, May 7, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., Central Standard time.

Appearing on the "Heroes" section of "Selling Across America," listeners can tune in via the internet and participate live in the one on one conversation.

Tony will interview Todd about his new book, "I just got a job in sales! Now what?" A Playbook for Skyrocketing Your Commissions

"It was great information. It delivered the straight, to the point, back to grassroots selling, back to the basics. It' the stuff we tend to forget about. You take the person and put them right back to the ABCs. For a person who has never done sales, it's a great place to start. It gives you a step by step process from to achieve the results you are after." 

Alan Brown, CEO, Anthony Robbins and Associates 

"This book should be the first book given to everyone considering a sales career. There is nothing like it. It is tremendous." 

Charles "T" Jones, Author,"Life is Tremendous"