Skyrocketing Sales Solutions

Edition 3, June 30, 2003

 "For those Who Want to Sell, Need to Sell, or Should Sell"                                                                                                                            June 2003 

Dear Todd,

Happy Fourth of July!

Welcome new clients to the TBN Sales Solutions family:

JDM Infrastructure,

(Contact Harry Dykeman, Sales Manager, (312) 382-0062 or e-mail for services)


Thanks also to Wadsworth Pumps, Imagistics, and E-chx, Inc. for participating in "Bad Economy? Sell Your Way Out of It!" teleseminar.

Todd Natenberg
Sales Trainer/Consultant/Author

Referrals- Don't Settle

Sales Tip of the Month


There is no better way to earn clients than with the help of others. Cold calling and telemarketing are necessary, but what separates the good reps from the average reps are those who can best get referrals. And what separates the OUTSTANDING reps from the good reps are those who don't settle.

Obtaining referrals is about more than just asking customers for them. It's about knowing when to ask, who to ask, and what to ask.

When to ask?

Ask for referrals any time you find there is synergy between you and whoever you are speaking with.

Don't limit yourself to customers upon successful delivery of your service. Sure, this is a terrific time. But other prime opportunities include when the customer signs on the dotted line. Some salespeople argue that until they "prove" they will deliver on their promise, a customer would not want to refer them business.

But if a customer had any doubts as to your service operating or the product working, they would not buy. They'd voice objections. They think they've made a great decision. They believe in you. Believe in yourself.

Who to ask?

If we agree asking for referrals is about having synergy with who you are speaking, then this list goes well beyond customers.

Prospects, those you meet at networking events, family, friends, internal employees, past customers from previous jobs and past prospects from previous jobs are all potentials referrals source.

In addition, current vendors can be great opportunities. This includes your accountant, lawyer, barber, insurance provider, office supplies and phone provider.

Here's some suggested verbiage when approaching vendors:

"Much as I have been a loyal customer of yours, perhaps you or those you know can become a customer of mine."

What to ask?

Remember techniques we mentioned a couple months back in a previous edition of Skyrocketing Sales Solutions regarding the most powerful words we can use: Smile, the word help and someone's name. Now's the time to revisit it. Here's how it may sound:

"John, I was wondering if you could help me. You know how hard jobs are like mine. Do you know of anyone who could benefit from our services. My ideal clients are companies like...

"You do? Terrific. I'm going to get real greedy now. Do you still talk to them? It would really HELP me if you could leave them a message telling them I will call."

Your thoughts?

NEW Survey of the Month

"Who do you think is the #1 salesperson in the country?"

a)Oprah Winfrey

b)Former President Bill Clinton

c)Current President George W. Bush

d) Former Basketball Star Michael Jordan

e) Businesswoman Martha Stewart

To submit your answer, click on the link below or e-mail We will publish the results in next month's issue.

Lunch and Learns

In response to the overwhelming success of this month's teleseminars, TBN Sales Solutions is expanding the "Bad Economy? Sell Your Way Out Of it" Series.

"Lunch and Learns" will run Mondays, 12 p.m.-1:30 p.m., Chicago central time, starting July 7.

Payment due prior to first class.

1. Monday, July 7

"The Strength of Structure" (Goal-Setting and Time Management)

2. Monday, July 14

"Earn the Right to Sell" (Prospecting)

3. Monday, July 21

"Sell How You Want to Buy" (Running a Sales Call)

4. Monday, July 28

"The Knowledge of Networking" (Networking)

5. Monday, Aug. 4

"Overcoming Objections" (Objection Handling)

6. Monday, Aug. 11

"The Richness of Referals" (Obtaining/Utilizing Referrals)

$49.95/class, $30.00/for a friend when both sign up; $200 if you sign up for all 6!

Payment due in full before first class.

Call Todd at 773-755-1306 or e-mail with questions. Outside Chicago, call toll-free 866-464-0339.

Brian Tracy endorses Todd's book!

"This powerful, practical, fast-moving book gives you a series of proven techniques you can use to get your sales career off to a fast start." --

Brian Tracy, Author, TurboStrategy commenting on "I just got a job in sales! Now what?" A Playbook for Skyrocketing Your Commissions, by Todd Natenberg, due out Sept. 1, 2003

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Where's Todd?

Look for another article by Todd, "Always Leave Voice Mail" in the June issue of Selling! magazine.

On July 3, Todd will speak to the O'hare Rotary Club about his book, The Journey Within: Two Months On Kibbutz, which chronicles his amazing adventures of self-discovery and personal growth volunteering on an Israeli kibbutz in the summer of 2000.

"This training has been excellent and will definitely be extremely beneficial both personally and professionally. The whole sales process was taught very well and Todd has excellent analysis and experiences to share with students" --

Lisa Oroni, E-chx, Inc.


Call Todd at 773-755-1306, outside Chicago 866- 464-0339, or e-mail him at to schedule an appointment.

Happy selling!