Skyrocketing Sales Solutions

Edition 5, Oct. 13, 2003

 "For those Who Want to Sell, Need to Sell, or Should Sell--to Sell More"                                                                                              Oct. 2003

Dear Todd,


Plan Your Plan!

Sales Tip of the Month

Preparation and Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

But planning goes well beyond having everything you need to close a deal on a sales call. It goes beyond preparing for the unexpected. It's more than role plays and expecting the unexpected. 

Planning starts at the beginning of the day, the beginning of the month and the beginning of the year and it continues right through the end of each. 

But - in the world of sales- how do you formulate an effective plan? What are the critical components? What does it mean to have good "time management?"

Time management: A plan to execute your plan to achieve your goals 

Recognize tasks you do each week.

Have you ever had a day where you worked hard but had nothing to show for it? Have you ever had one of those days where you felt you did absolutely nothing, but somehow eight hours passed and it was time to go home? What do you really do every day? What do you really do every week? How much time do you really spend working? How much time do you spend working toward your goals? 

Until you know the problem, you can't fix it. Until you know the formula for success, you can't repeat it. 

Here's a suggestion: For one week, monitor the tasks you do, including how much time is spent on each item. Include everything from running appointments, to prospecting phone calls, to in person door knocks to checking voice mail and yes, even "socializing" around the office. 

Expect Excellence!

Now that you know what you do, prioritize what is important. Determines those most critical criteria, and establish numeric goals for them. Label this "Expect Excellence." For instance, your numeric goals may include how many appointments you want to run, or how many cold calls you may make. The key to the "Expect Excellence" is these are weekly goals, not long-term. Break down your expect excellence as much as possible: Networking calls, networking appointments, first appointments, second appointments, first telemarketing calls, follow-up phone calls, and in- person door knocks are recommended. 

Create Your Must Work Week!

Based on your tasks and your goals, formulate a "must work week" schedule. Arrange your day (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. typically) and insert - prior to it happening- your work week. What days will you do office work? What days will you schedule appointments? What days will you "prospect?" Attach to those tasks on those days, numeric goals to coincide with your "Expect Excellence." 

Commit to Your Must Work Week

Treat this "must work week" as if it is your sacred Bible. Of course, things will change and flexibility will be required, but commit to sticking to it as much as possible. Question exactly what is a "customer emergency." 

Ask yourself this question when you ever consider altering your schedule, "If you were sitting across from a customer who was handing you a check for business, would you leave the meeting to answer a phone call, would you jump on e-mail, or would you check your voice mail?" If the answer is no, then it's not an emergency.

Stay the path.


"You can't get where you're going if you don't know where you want to be. If you don't know where you want to be, no roadmap will get you there."

Strategic Partner

In a true sign of cooperation between East Coast and Midwest - and what could and hopefully be a preview of the World Series- TBN Sales Solutions is joining forces with New York's Top Notch Training, owned and operated by diehard Yankee fan Joe Nunziata.

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Where's Todd?

Look for Todd's latest article in the November issue of Selling! magazine: "Do Not Call" List? When you call, it'd better be good."

Todd and his new book, "I just got a job in sales. Now what?" A Playbook for Skyrocketing Your Commissions will be featured in an upcoming article in Sales Management Report, publishing by Ragan Communications

What they say about TBN...

"In the six weeks following your training, we had an increase of between 15 and 20% in the sheer number of proposals that went out the door. 

"There was definitely an increase in the number of calls that were made and the number of opportunities that we responded to. There was more of the right kind of contacts being made and the right kind of questions being asked. 

"We now have a common, consistent message. This was all accomplished as a direct result of the TBN Sales Solutions training."

-Harry Dykeman, Vice President of Sales, JDM Infrastructure 

"Through your training, I learned how to schedule my business around my current customers base, as well as prospecting and retention of those prospects. I use a lot of the skills you showed me now as second nature. I do not even realize I employ the skills until after the meeting with a potential client is over, and as you taught me, I review in my head the whole meeting. The same skills have also helped me in my personal life, which is an added bonus. 

"I truly believe in your training course and encourage all my loan officers to attend. Thanks for all your great help and effort."

-Chuck Sowers, President, American Mortgage Werks, Inc. 

"The training was excellent. A 10! You really nailed the skill level, in the sales aspects, of your group. You kept things basic, non-threatening, and most importantly very doable. The training was completely pertinent in all parts of my job." 

-Sally Richards, massage therapist, Tyler Wellness

Happy selling!

Todd B. Natenberg
TBN Sales Solutions

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