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Sales Articles:

  1. Why I Chose Sales Over Journalism
  2. How to Create Your Own Gold Rush
  3. The Power of Prospecting
  4. Referrals- Don't Settle
  5. Listen, Don't Hear-A.R.T. Your Way to sales Success
  6. State Your Initial Benefit: People Can't be Interested in What They Don't Know Exists
  7. What’s in it for the prospect? Everything-if you tell them
  8. Sell How You Want to Buy: What’s your Process?
  9. Time Management: A plan to execute your plan to achieve your goals
  10. Leave Voice Mail-Always
  11. Build the Business Case-Before You Sell
  12. Find the need, not the want
  13. Overcoming Objections
  14. Overcome Objections: P.R.E.P.P.S
  15. Sell from your heart
  16. Refuse Rejection
  17. Virtual selling: Double Your Sales in 1/2 the Time
  18. The P.A.L.--Much more than outlines for meetings
  19. Follow-up: Persist and Persevere
  20. Work to live. Don’t live to work
  21. Plan Your Plan, Execute Your Plan-5 P’s Your Way to Sales Success
  22. Networking: Make it About them. They will make it about you
  23. K.I.S.S.-Simplify the 3 P’s to Sales Success
  24. The Best Kind of Business Card

Non-Sales Articles:

  1. Alexander lives life, leads AOS with integrity and honor - Kansas City Business Journal, 2008
  2. Firm pays $100M-plus to land FishNet stake - Kansas City Business Journal, 2008
  3. Earnings and stock diverge for Garmin - Kansas City Business Journal, 2008
  4. Aquila CEO Green denies attempting to sway Missouri PSC - Kansas City Business Journal, 2007
  5. More than a physical race, Chicago Sun-Times, 2007
  6. A hit right out of the box, Chicago Sun-Times, 2007
  7. Son's Judaism Grows with Father's Suicide, Chicago Jewish News, 2007

  8. Clearly the rule of law at Proviso East, Chicago Sun-Times, 2007
  9. After 5 years, I said goodbye - Quill Magazine 1997
  10. A teacher and a student - The Jerusalem Post 2000
  11. Hateful or hurtful? Not everything offensive is anti-Semitic - Chicago Jewish News 2006

  12. For Love or Money Baseball Card Collector Draws the Line - Daily Herald1992
  13. Boing! Reporter Leeps at Chance to Take Plunge - Daily Herald 1992
  14. Former Bear Plays Host to Easter Bunny, 80 Kids - Daily Herald 1994
  15. Babes, Hunks Keep Him Glued to 90210 - Daily Herald 1993
  16. Learning Costs of Freedom - Daily Herald 1993 Page 1 Page 2
  17. The Palatine Tragedy - Daily Herald 1993
  18. Horror in Palatine - Daily Herald 1993