Success Stories: Associations

On behalf of the Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce, thank you for speaking at our Oct. 27th Leadership workshop. Your presentation on Double Your Sales in ½ the Time” was informative and was presented in a professional and energized manner. In fact, attendees thought it was the best in the Leadership in Sales Workshop series.
— Pat Ornberg, Program Director, Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for speaking to SMEI Akron, on Sept. 14, 2004. Many positive comments were received from our attendees who felt they learned something to help them with their professional growth. Our attendees said:

‘Excellent speaker-great SME topic.’
‘Very impressed with the presentation- I learned a lot of new things.’
‘Great, interesting information that will help me with my career in the future.’
‘Todd did an incredible job.’
‘Excellent program.’
‘Well done’

Again, thank you for your time and effort in your presentation to our organization.
— Eric Weber, SMEI Akron President, Akron, Ohio

Todd did a great job as the keynote speaker at our Five Star Expo in March. He was inspiring and gave some very practical tips that anyone who works in sales can put to work for them right away. Todd came across with a very professional image, kept the attention of his audience and during the course of the Five Star event, many people came to me and expressed very positive feedback regarding the helpfulness of Todd’s talk. All in all, Todd played a big role in the success of our Expo.
— Cindy Blaski, Chairperson, Five Star Business Expo 2004, Glendale Heights, IL

Todd’s high energy level and polished presentation skills enabled him to really hold the audience’s attention. He had the entire room engaged and asking questions. I was very pleased with my decision to bring him in as a speaker.”
Kirsten Nieradtka, Founder & Leader The Breakfast Network Club, Chicago

”The Power of Probing was an excellent seminar. The section on the “6 questions to ask a potential client” was very useful. I took away very actionable information from the seminar. I’d strongly recommend it to any business person looking to improve their communication skills.
— Joel Berger/ Manager of Business Development , Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

I would like to thank you for an outstanding presentation at last month’s Aurora University Sales Institute. Your session provided excellent examples of how to prospect with the phone in a very effective, pragmatic way designed to start a solid relationship and create enough interest where prospects actually call us back. I particularly liked the open discussion we had about how prospects actually behave and the realistic expectations we can have from them.

Todd, your sales development training continues to get only better. Your session was very productive by providing real substance that participants could sink their teeth into.
— Shawn Green, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, Director of the AU Sales Institute

Thank you for your participation in the Turning Sales Leads into Sales Dollars workshop last night. It was a pleasure hearing your presentation on selling strategies for small businesses. I enjoyed learning about the importance of probing and tips for making an effective presentation. Your presentation style along with the wealth of knowledge you shared made the workshop both enjoyable and educational.
— Stacy Pakin, Program Coordinator, Jane Addams Hull House Association

On behalf of the cadets and cadre of the Nicholas Senn High School Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, I again want to thank you for volunteering your time and for the outstanding classroom instruction you have given our cadets. It is truly amazing to have someone with your exceptional background and busy schedule, volunteer their time to help our cadets to enhance their interpersonal effectiveness and problem solving strategies. You bring special skills to the classroom environment that cannot be matched. I know the cadets enjoyed your discussions that were not only germane, but easily understood.
— James M. O’Rourke Sr., Lt. Colonel (retired), Sr. Military Instructor, Senn High School