Cold calling, spamming and selling – or is it prospecting for new business, e-mail marketing and consulting. What words do you use as a professional salesperson? How do you describe yourself?

Too often salespeople are so busy apologizing for who they are, they forget what it is they do: They help people. If you think you do anything but, you need to switch professions. Everybody is in sales. You say you know that. Whether you are a doctor who owns his own practice, the lawyer or the true commission incentivized telecommunications or copier rep, we are all in sales- in a great way. But are you taking pride in what you do?  A cold call is nothing more than a first contact. SPAM – unless you are sending pornography, an illegal scam or purchasing lists without “unsubscribe” buttons, is great marketing – and selling means you are a consultant. If you believe it- truly believe it- say it.

The language you speak out loud determines who you are and what you believe.  To disregard otherwise is a lesson in futility.