How do you say thank you for a referral? Do you? How do you feel if you give a referral and hear nothing? If someone refers you business- whether it is a legitimate lead or even just information, be appreciative- and most importantly- express that appreciation.  But the question is, What does that mean to express appreciation?

Expressing appreciation is a 3 step process:

1. When you send that follow-up or initial e-mail to the lead that was provided you, always mention the name of the person who referred you, cc that person who referred you, include in the e-mail how you know them and compliment them someway (“who is very professional, very helpful, etc.) and acknowledge that person in the bottom of the e-mail with a “P.S. John, thanks for the referral. I will keep you posted.”

2. If you the lead turns into a potential opportunity and you have a scheduled meeting with that referred person, send a quick note to the person who referred you telling them you are meeting- when and where.

3. Lastly,  call that person who referred you on the phone – not e-mail, not texting- pick up the phone and say, “Just called to say thank you for the referral. I’m not sure how it will pan out, but I appreciate you connecting me. That’s the only reason I called. Have a great day!”

“People refer others because they believe in the person they are referring and they believe in the person who they are referring to. Everyone wants to help and give help- so long as they know they are helping.”

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