We keep hearing from business owners that finding, training and keeping good salespeople is one of your biggest challenges. And we hear from sales representatives that they don’t get the training they need. 

I Think Bigger Magazine, out of Kansas City, has teamed up with award-winning sales trainer Todd Natenberg to bring you this two-part sales training webinar that leads you through a step-by-step process for increasing your sales productivity.

Whether you’re a business owner who directly handles the sales for your company or who’s looking for a fast way to jumpstart your sales team . . . or a sales professional who needs an introduction to the fundamentals (or a quick review!), this webinar series provides the tools and techniques to get prospects interested and close the sale themselves.

For only $99, you get access to two dynamic sessions, plus a free eBook copy of “I Just Got a Job in Sales: Now What?”

Session 1: Tuesday, May 17, noon (CDT) How to Double Your Sales in Half the Time

In this session, sales trainer and author Todd Natenberg helps you establish a step-by-step process to increase your sales productivity. You’ll discover:

* The steps in a successful sales call
* Questions to ask on a sales call
* What do with the answers to those questions
* How to “cut and gush” to engage the prospect
* Why KISS so critical in presenting
* How to close—the easiest step in the sales process
* How to get customers to sell themselves
* How to ask for referrals
* Why preparation and follow-up the two most important steps in the sales call

Session 2: Thursday, May 19 at noon (CDT) Why Won’t They Call Me Back?

“If they would just call me back, then I know I could sell them…” “If I could just get in front of them…” “If they would just listen to what I have to say…” Perhaps the better question is: “Why should they call you back?”

In this session, Natenberg outlines how to develop an initial benefit statement to make prospects care enough to call you back. You’ll discover:

* How to create an “initial benefit statement” that answers, the “No kidding?” test
* How to maximize features and benefits
* Why you need to know your “ideal client” (it’s not everyone)
* How to maximize referral opportunities
* How to ensure your message is listened to in its entirety

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Todd Natenberg is an award-winning salesperson, corporate sales trainer and author. His private workshops and individual consulting impact the bottom line for companies of all sizes. He is the author of the book, “I Just Got a Job in Sales! Now What?” endorsed by notable experts, including Brian Tracy, Roger Dawson and Tony Parinello.

Posted by Kelly Scanlon, on LinkedIn