Sell how you want to buy.

There is no better way than to learn the best selling techniques than to think about what pleases you when you make a purchase. What pleases you? What upsets you? Think of your last correspondence at with your accountant, your lawyer or your mechanic. Even think about the recent purchase you had at the department store.

A few cases in point- of what not to do, and what to do.

Case #1- What not to do

I recently purchased two new chordless telephones at Staples for a mere $50 for both- $25 for each. When I approached the counter, the manager (of all people) reminded me that if I had a problem in more than two weeks- even if they broke, they could not be returned. I had to call the manufacturer. Second, she tried to sell me a $100 annual warranty for each phone! That’s a $200 warranty on $50 worth of merchandise.

Sales Lesson Learned:

- Overpromising and underdelivering is the key to losing customers (short-term); Underpromising and overdelivering is the key to winning clients (long-term)

- People expect to pay for value- whatever the purchase is.

 Let’s think common sense about this: I’m being told to purchase a product, but if it breaks through no fault of my own, the seller will not stand by the product. Second, I’m being told ahead of time, there will be no customer service. And third, I have to buy a warranty four times the value of the product. 

Could you imagine if I conducted a sales seminar and told somebody ahead of time: Pay my services and if I don’t show up, that’s not my problem!

Case #2 – What to do

Today, my wife and I purchased some basic home items at Home Depot. We had a $15 off coupon in the mail that officially went for $125 and expired a couple months back. We are regular shoppers there and get coupons all the time. First time homeowner, many have helped me.

When I approached the counter, I politely did the following

1. Asked for the manager to see if he could “help me.”

2. When the manager arrived, I introduced myself to Josh. I asked his name. I stated my name. I shook hands.

3. I asked if he could “help me” regarding this expired coupon and the fact that my purchase was close at $100.

“I can’t honor the whole thing, but I can take $10 off,” Josh said.

“Terrific,” I replied. “I greatly appreciate it, Josh.” I then shook his hand and even thanked him again on the way out the door.

Sales Lesson Learned (what to do)

People want to help and give help to professional people. Selling and buying is a two way street. 

Happy selling!