Turn fear into excitement. Turn pain into passion. Turn anger into power.

When I took the leap out of the airplane skydiving some 15 years ago, what was that feeling I had moments before the jump? Was it sheer terror? Hardly- it was pure excitement.

When I cramped up in the middle of the Ironman Triathlon at bike mike 100 and after swimming 2.4 miles, with 12 more bike miles to go, and 26.2 miles of run to conquer, what was the feeling I had? Was it pain? Hardly- it was passion to finish my journey. (16 hours, 30 minutes, and 141 total swim, bike, run miles completed). ?

When publishers turned down my sales book, what was that feeling I had? Was it anger? Hardly- it was power to control my own destiny- and so I self-published.

The only significance an event has it that emotion with which you attach to it. It starts with the words you use.