It’s amazing how deceitful and just flat out dumb some businesses can be. Notice how I say businesses- not salespeople. Retail establishments sometimes think they are immune to shady sales practices. It’s amazing. Continuing our series of “sell how you want to buy,” I point to a recent experience of what not to do to my local Great Frame Up store.

This is a store where my wife and I used to- and the operative word is “used to” – go for customized framing. Not anymore.

On a recent visit, my wife brought in the “received in the mail” coupon for 50% off a picture frame. After selecting the frame, the “seller” refused to honor it saying, “Oh, we give that to everyone.” In other words, the coupon is a bogus coupon that is a true “lie” to the buyer. There is no coupon. There is no 50% discount. What there is a lied hyped up price that does not exist. Then there is a coupon that does not exist. Add to this, there is service that does not exist.

Wait, it gets better with the Great Frame Up as to what not to do. So my wife reluctantly orders the frame anyway. It was to remember our special honeymoon in Paris. The frame takes two weeks longer than she is told. Wait, it even gets better. When she picks up the framed picture of Paris, it is the wrong frame! Here’s the best part. And I quote the owner’s assistant:

“We couldn’t get the frame you selected, so the owner chose another similar frame and gave you this. The reason we did that is the owner approved it.”

My wife, who is very patient and much less demanding than I as a consultant, laughed hysterically.

“Let me get this straight. You expect me to say okay to a frame I did not pay for, I did not select, I did not want, because the owner likes it? Are you crazy? Of course, I’m not paying for this,” she said.

Reluctatly and without apology, the assitant said it would be done again as she requested.

Requested? Like this was a favor? How funny is that! Not only do they have to do more work, they will endure this article of bad publicity and we will never go back. And for what?

What’s so amazing is you and I both know if an outside consultant (notice, I do not say salesperson) did this to this Great Frame Up store owner, that salesperson would incur a wrath to end all wraths.

Everybody sells. Everybody helps- if they want to. Sell how you want to buy.  What did we learn? Underpromise, over deliver- and more importantly, never, ever, never ever lie….Happy selling!