Make it easy for people to buy and they will. Make it harder to buy and they won't.

The larger the sale, the more complicated the sale, the more essential it is that you keep it simple.  But ease of the sales process goes beyond not making a big deal out of what indeed may be a big deal.

For instance, one of the biggest incorrect myths about selling technical services to technical people is that you must be technical with them to earn their trust. Not true at all. As more than one CIO said to me during my days selling educational technology and telecommunications, "I don't need you to explain how it works. I know that. I need you to tell me why I should care and how it's going to make my life easier.:

Gee, sounds like the client wants us to talk in benefits, don't they? But you say if they speak technical, you must get technical to be credible.

Try this on the next technical discussion with a client, "Look, I can get just as technical as you may or may not need me to be. I can talk the talk and give you the lingo. But at the end of the day, isn't what really matters to you and your colleagues, how I can improve your productivity to impact the bottom line?"

- Todd Brian Natenberg