By Todd Brian Natenberg

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"I've been in sales for 10 years! Now what?" A (NEW) Playbook for Skyrocketiong Your Commissions 

The easier you make it for people to buy, the more they will. The more complicated the sale, the simpler you must be.

Who has been asked the famous question by your clients or prospects, "Who do you consider your main competition for your industry?"

Without fail, our answer is or should be always the same: Indecision. 

The hardest part about selling is (despite those that fear prospecting) is creating that sense of urgency.


So how do we do that? We know there is the important selling value. But even more important is to  make it easy for prospects to say yes. Here are a few specific strategies and areas to focus on:

-Scheduling the appointment

Everyone in this day and age sends the Outlook invite to confirm a meeting.  But how do you send the invite? Remember 95% of e-mail today is read on a phone where often only the subject line gets read.

When you send that invite, be super specific.  Say in the subject of the invite the people's names and companies they represent- both yours and theirs, and whoever else will attend. Then include in 3 words what the meeting is about  in the subject line.  


In the location, include the specific address and phone numbers of the two main parties who are meeting.

This may seem trite, but think about when you get Outlook invites. How specific are they? Aren't they missing information? Isn't that frustrating having to take that extra step to look things up?

Prospects will appreciate the simplicity of this and it sets the tone for the entire sales process.

If you are scheduling a phone appointment, include in the "location" what phone number you will call and who will initiate the call.

In the notes section, cut and paste your full e-mail signature with your name, title, company, phone, e-mail and website. In fact, include everyone's contact information in that notes.

-Follow-up with a very detailed e-mail after you have conducted a formal appointment

Don't just say thanks for meeting. Be super specific. The subject line should say: "Thanks for meeting in person; Follow-up and next steps."

In that e-mail, say point blank, "Here's a recap of our conversation and agreed upon next steps."-In that followup e-mail, if you handed out any printed material in person, include the follow-up PDFS or  web links. 

The more specific you are, the more professional you are. The more professional you are, the more the prospects want to do business with you.

Remember that you aren't just sending a thank you e-mail. Because this is a complicated sale, this will become a reference point from here on for you and the prospects. They can search for this e-mail in the future as the sales process progresses to remember what was discussed, what it meant and why they should care.


Back in the day, I sold complicated telecommunications and technology and inexperienced salespeople thought it was so important to be technical, because prospects were technical. They thought the more complicated the prospect, the more you had to keep up with them.

But are you keeping up or are you creating the complication?

The best quote I heard a director of technology/CIO once say, "I don't need you to explain how technology works. I know that. All I care about is how you are going to simplify my life to be more productive."

 I challenge you: How about simplifying before the sale is made? 

Todd Brian Natenberg, President of TBN Sales Solutions, is the author of the just released book, "I've been in sales for 10 years! Now what?" A (NEW) Playbook for Skyrocketing Your Commissions.

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"Customers do not care how much you know until they know how much you care...But showing how much you care includes showing how much you care about yourself.

Sell how you want to buy." 

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