Why Won't They Call Me Back?

Objective: To establish a systematic approach to leaving messages to create value to uncover legitimate, qualified opportunities that will result in return phone calls.

Initial Benefit Statement: An explanation of what you are offering, what it means, and why anyone should care- in the exact opposite order 

People can't be interested in what they don't know exists.

"If they would just call me back, then I know I could sell them..."

"If I could just get in front of them..."

"If they would just listen to what I have to say..."

"I don't understand it. Why won't they call me back?"...

In the world of sales, few obstacles are more critical yet more difficult than finding opportunities.

But until we have an audience to hear our message, these "opportunities" are not opportunities at all. They are nothing more than names and numbers.

In "Why Won't They Call Me Back?" Todd outlines the step-by-step of process of developing an initial benefit statement to ensure prospects call you back. He answers the following questions:

  • How do you create a sound "Initial Benefit Statement" that answers, the "No kidding?" test?
  • How do you maximize features, advantages and benefits?
  • Why do you need to know your "ideal client" (and it's NOT EVERYONE)?
  • How do you maximize referral opportunities?
  • How do ensure your message is listened to in its entirety?
  • How do you empower "gatekeepers"?

Handouts: "I just got a job in sales. Now what?" A Playbook for Skyrocketing Your Commissions book

I would like to thank you for an outstanding presentation at last month’s Aurora University Sales Institute. Your session provided excellent examples of how to prospect with the phone in a very effective, pragmatic way designed to start a solid relationship and create enough interest where prospects actually call us back. I particularly liked the open discussion we had about how prospects actually behave and the realistic expectations we can have from them.
Todd, your sales development training continues to get only better. Your session was very productive by providing real substance that participants could sink their teeth into.
— Shawn Green, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, Director of the AU Sales Institute
Todd, I would like to thank you for giving me the hands on, step by step instructions to develop my “Initial Benefits Statement”, from your teleseminar. I have heard other sales trainers speak about it, but none of them ever provided the instructions in such an easy to follow format. I was able to sit down and complete it within a few hours of the seminar,
— Ariel Goodman, Homestart Mortgage, Chicago, IL