Hopefully, we can all say it together…

That’s right: Absolutely nothing!

It’s all about how others perceive you –and even more importantly—how you perceive yourself.

So what makes a great salesperson? What separates salespeople who are regularly at the President’s Club from those who barely make ends meet? What makes one a top realtor, mortgage broker or insurance agent while another is barely hitting their quota? What makes one a top entrepreneur whose business flourishes while another has great business knowledge but falls short on the communications side?

Certain skills and attributes are necessary within, but true accomplishment goes well beyond simple skills. Sales success involves applying those skills systematically and methodically to achieve a targeted objective.

The success of a salesperson comes down to one word: process.

I don’t mean just being able to answer the questions like, How many appointments did you run, How many appointments did you schedule, How many calls did you make, How many proposals did you present, or How many deals did you close. Yes, those are important, but the challenge is when we focus on those and only those we neglect the other 5,000 detailed steps that make the true difference.

When we say a process, we mean a fully executable, dissectible, molecule to atom, A-Z sales process.

No military ever won the war without a war plan. No football team ever won the Super Bowl without a playbook. No government ever operated effectively without a budget. Okay, well the government scenario may not be applicable in the United States, but you get the idea.

So what is this process?

Goal setting
Time Management
Initial Benefit Statement
Running and closing a sales call
Objection Handling
Ongoing Training
See, we live in a day and age where the sales profession has never been more popular, but it has never been more threatened. Everyone – or so it seems—wants to be in sales, because they want financial freedom, the opportunity to control their own destiny, and the chance to have tremendous personal satisfaction in their lives. The challenge, though, is “salespeople” have a worse reputation than ever before in history.

Come on, do you recognize we have an entire law that may as well be entitled, “I hate salespeople!” The official term is the “Do not call list.”

What this means is that we must be better than we ever were before. There are no more points for second place.

People want to get help and give help from and to professional consultants. No one wants to talk to salespeople.

But what’s the solution? How do we present ourselves as just that—consultants? How do we view ourselves as just that—consultants?

At TBN Sales Solutions, we have the answers. Our philosophies are simple:


“Customers do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

“Sell how you want to buy.”

Our mission is direct:

TBN Sales Solutions increases productivity of salespeople through customized training.

We establish step-by-step processes to empower reps to impact your organization's bottom line.

Remember, when you master the art of selling, you master the art of living.

Happy selling!