Evaluating for Excellence

Written Analysis/Recommendations

Objective: To establish a written team business plan that outlines strengths and limitations of individuals and provides recommendations on how to maximize their potential to impact the bottom line of your organization.

Individuals have unique qualities and unique limitations. How a company addresses these qualities can be the vast difference between achieving top results and just mediocre results. More importantly, it can be the difference between garnering a young rep on the verge of stardom and losing that same young rep to the competitor.

But what exactly do sales reps think? Sure, it’s great to say that as leaders of your organization, you know exactly what motivates your employees. Sometimes, though, a mere outsider can produce tremendous results. A former newspaper reporter, Todd knows how to communicate with those who do not want to communicate. They say in life information is power.

In “Evaluating for Excellence,” Todd does individual analysis of each of your employees to provide concrete, written recommendations to skyrocket your revenues. The program includes one-on-one sessions with individual employees:

  • What has worked well for you and your company?
  • What areas would you like to see improved?
  • What would you like to get out of your time here?
  • My recommendations
  • 1 hour verbal assessment of days activities with supervisors
  • Written analysis 1 week later