Success Stories: Financial Planners/Insurance Agents

In 3 short months, I can say my commissions have increased about 15%. My weekly activity has increased 20%.

“I have gained many insights into learning how to increase my business. My business is taking shape through several great ways. By organizing my time, I am conscious of the time I spend every day. With your guidance, I am more efficiently tracking the way I spend my time. Activity has increased three fold. By organizing my most-important to least important activities, I can say my efficiency has increased.

“In using the PALs and sending e-mail to my prospective clients, I have closed more sales. Before beginning your course, I was unorganized in my time and efficiency. By structuring my days and preparing before the week begin, I am much more organized and efficient.

“Our training sessions together on Mondays are a great kick start for my weeks. It puts my mind back into the game and helps me focus on the week at hand.
— Eric Marzinke, Financial Planner, AXA Advisors, Northbrook, IL

Your presentation flowed well, covered a lot of valuable ground and was very helpful for people of all backgrounds. I personally picked up several good new ideas that I will be passing along myself. 100% of those who went to the seminar found something useful and vital to them. The bottom line is that I really enjoyed and learned from your presentation.
— Greg Sharp, State Training Coordinator, AFLAC, Moline, IL