Success Stories: Graphics/Printers

GlenHill Graphics ultimately hired Todd to present workshops to the entire company. Todd gives strong attention to detail and leaves no stone unturned in presenting the material. These presentations were so well done that he was retained to consult with GlenHill’s top salesman for an entire day; one-on-one.

Organization of prospect data bases, phone techniques, elimination of trite expressions, knowing when to be quiet and when to speak are all concepts that Todd taught on that occasion. Todd has made a difference in how GlenHill Graphics’ Sales Team presents itself and we’ve taken on a whole different Personality.
— John Carl, Executive Account Manager, GlenHill Graphics

I think the best thing is that I got an overall structured, step by step process, that will allow me to take a total approach to the sales process. I know, Todd, that I could have done and learned everything you taught me by myself, but it would have taken 4 or 5 times as long. It would have not had the energy and the power behind it, because even though I could have learned the pieces, I would never have put it together as coherently as you did. I might have learned one thing, tried to do it for a little bit and then fallen by the wayside. In the end I would not have had the process, you gave me. I have no double your teaching will do what you claims in your benefit statement—increase my commissions and profits. That I’m sure of - that the sales will be there – and I have a doctrine to grow.
— Charlie Seminara, President, 22 29 Design, Chicago, IL

It has been an interesting experience. When we began the coaching sessions, I thought I had no idea how to sell. You proved me wrong. In fact, you opened my eyes to the fact that I have known the basics all along and that I just needed a confidence boost. You gave that boost to me.

“You set a good example of a salesperson. I will surely recommend you to any person needing basic sales training or refinement.
— Jason Feldman, Creative Director, Luzazul Design, Chicago, IL