Success Stories: Industrial

Since your first visit, we have noticed the following: heightened awareness of personal goals, heightened awareness of professional goals, conversation between employee about how to function as a team, and more interaction between employees and management.

“We have noticed quite a difference with the way things are handled at the Wauconda facility. It seems that problems and dilemmas are easier to respond to. We now have a way for the employees to respond to management as well. These new techniques that you have taught us have opened up many doors of communication, which were never present before. We feel that these new techniques are necessary for our company to succeed into the future. We also feel that the employees are responding more as a team, instead of as independent person.

“Thanks again for the insight and inspiration which your leadership and team building training has provided our company. It has become a valuable asset to the way we do business at Wadsworth Pumps.
— James Wadsworth, Director of Operations, Wadsworth Pumps, W.J. Wadsworth and Associates, Inc., Wauconda, IL

I just wanted to drop you a few lines to thank you for the great work you did for my firm.

It all started when I incorporated your philosophy of: ‘Sell how you want to be sold’ into my firm’s marketing & sales programs. Since then sales soared and the company’s internal processes have flowed together with much greater synergy than in the past.

Next, the sales business plan you created for us took effect. The training manual allows us to hire and train a much higher level and quality of salesperson. The power point presentation raised our closing rates and profit margins to new heights. All of the prospects that have seen the new presentation have been highly impressed by it and as a direct result our closing rate and profit margins have significantly increased.

In short, the new tools that you have provided us with will empower us to at least double last year’s numbers and probably triple them! I am equally certain that with out your assistance this would not be possible.
— Paul Baraz, President, Art of Construction,