Keep The Funnel Full

Do you know what the most dangerous time for a salesperson is? It’s when they are the most successful!

Why is that? It’s because when we are on top, we forget what it took for us to get there. We forget the critical role the hours of prospecting, having a sound initial benefit statement, sending our PALs, probing for needs, networking with others, and managing our time, played in our closed deals. We ignore the fact that great strategies we learned and have implemented were the difference between success and failure.  We suddenly stop holding ourselves accountable, because we think it’s unnecessary.

Then three months after our amazing successes, our numbers drop and we ask ourselves, why? What did we do differently that suddenly caused the drop in production?

In “Keep the Funnel Full,” Todd hold you accountable to that most critical of all people: Yourself.

Dwelling on his top success as a former sales manager, Todd’s weekly one on ones will provide you a weekly review of your successes and limitations, orchestrate a plan for the upcoming weeks, and see to it that success continues on your journey.

The program includes:

  1. 2 month interval commitments
  2. 8 weekly one on one discussions
  3. E-mail agenda prior
  4. Wrap-up e-mail with homework assignment and action plan
  5. Regular filling out of weekly “Account Accountability MS Word form
    1. How many calls did you make?
    2. How many appointments did you schedule?
    3. How many appointments did you run?
    4. What is your forecast for this month?
    5. What is your forecast for next month?
    6. How will you get there?
    7. What are the two top accounts you will work on this week?
    8. What are your challenges in these accounts?
    9. How will we as a team overcome those accounts?