The Lure of Leadership


Objective: To establish a systematic approach to leadership that includes company events, recognition on all levels, and public opportunity to inspire one another through the facilitation of a group strategizing session.

Leadership: The ability to influence others in a way that maximizes their potential in a way that maximizes your own potential for a common goal that induces loyalty on both sides

People want leadership. They want others to tell them what they are doing is right, is just. They want people to look up to.  It is only when they have this that they accept criticism and look to improve. But criticism without compliment is useless, as is compliment without criticism. Being a leader is not about telling people everything they do is right. It’s about caring. It’s about having a concrete plan, a system that will enable others to maximize their potential, even at the risk of your own. Leadership is about making the tough decisions, then standing by them, good or bad. It’s about being humble, where humbleness is needed, but it’s about honesty, too. Leaders make mistakes, but then learn from them.

They inspire loyalty, because they are loyal first. The cliché lead by example cannot be stated enough. They are creative, risk takers and most of all, listeners. The best leaders are always the best students.  They are lifelong students.

In “The Lure of Leadership, ” Todd outlines the step-by-step of process of leadership. He answers the following questions:

  • What are the characteristics of leaders?
  • Why do we need leaders?
  • What is a good leader versus a great leader?
  • How do you lead in your environment?
  • How should you lead in your environment?
  • Why are agendas so important in everything you do?
  • How do you expect and inspect, without micromanaging?
  • How do the goals of you as a leader relate to your team’s goals?
  • What are concrete programs to demonstrate leadership?
  • What actions must you take a leader to empower your employees?
Since your first visit, we have noticed the following: heightened awareness of personal goals, heightened awareness of professional goals, conversation between employee about how to function as a team, and more interaction between employees and management.
“We have noticed quite a difference with the way things are handled at the Wauconda facility. It seems that problems and dilemmas are easier to respond to. We now have a way for the employees to respond to management as well. These new techniques that you have taught us have opened up many doors of communication, which were never present before. We feel that these new techniques are necessary for our company to succeed into the future. We also feel that the employees are responding more as a team, instead of as independent person.

“Thanks again for the insight and inspiration which your leadership and team building training has provided our company. It has become a valuable asset to the way we do business at Wadsworth Pumps.
— James Wadsworth, Director of Operations, Wadsworth Pumps, W.J. Wadsworth and Associates, Inc., Wauconda, IL