Success Stories: Mortgage Brokers/Realtors

I always thought of myself as a good salesperson, but I knew that I needed some help to get over the top. I wanted to become a great salesperson. After knowing you outside the business world, but seeing you use your skills of motivation and training in that perspective, I thought I would give your training course a chance, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

I thought I was doing a poor job of getting my customers to refer business to me, but what I found out was I was doing a great job at that, but finding outside customers was my weak area.

Through your training, I learned how to schedule my business around my current customers base, as well as prospecting and retention of those prospects. I use a lot of the skills you showed me now as second nature. I do not even realize I employ the skills until after the meeting with a potential client is over, and as you taught me, I review in my head the whole meeting. The same skills have also helped me in my personal life, which is an added bonus.

I truly believe in your training course and encourage all my loan officers to attend. Thanks for all your great help and effort.
— Chuck Sowers, President, American Mortgage Werks, Inc., McHenry, IL

Prior to your training, I didn’t have the confidence I needed to present myself or my company. You’ve given me a formula. With your experience, I can go out and say this stuff works. It’s not theory. You’ve given me the basis for being confident and just being a salesperson. Three or four months ago I didn’t have that. I couldn’t walk into an office. I was so uncomfortable. But I’m not uncomfortable now. I’m not uncomfortable asking for referrals. I’m not uncomfortable going into a meeting now. I know what’s going to happen.
— Bob Lauper, Mortgage Consultant, Compass Mortgage, Plainfield, IL

When we started the sales training process together, I was just starting a new job as a commission-only salesperson. I had a belief that success in sales was determined largely by personality type and innate talent, and that I was at a disadvantage because I wasn’t a “born salesman”. I am glad to say that after completing the training process with you, I now see myself as a professional salesperson, confident in my sales system and my strengths, and aware of what I can do to continue to improve. The foundation you helped me to build, through the teaching of a comprehensive system, is invaluable, and I have no doubt that it will take me wherever I wish to go in the world of sales.
— David “Fritz” Fritzmeier, Account Executive, Solutions Funding, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have always been a believer in the power of relationships. My success in business and life has always depended on the care and feeding of relationships I have formed with others. You have helped me by systematically exploring and fostering the success of these relationships. Your approach is simple, yet profound. It is finessing the relationship as an art form.

In addition, I have had 80% more free time. If you were to put a value on time, I have gained thousands of dollars from taking your course. If you want to put a price on time, I’m a much wealthier man today as a result of your sales training.
— David Swierczynski, Realtor, RE/MAX Showcase

Todd, I would like to thank you for giving me the hands on, step by step instructions to develop my “Initial Benefits Statement”, from your teleseminar. I have heard other sales trainers speak about it, but none of them ever provided the instructions in such an easy to follow format. I was able to sit down and complete it within a few hours of the seminar,
— Ariel Goodman, Homestart Mortgage, Chicago, IL