Perfecting Your Playbook

(writing a sales business plan)

People often wonder why one company fails and another succeeds, why one salesperson is the best of the best, and the other is barely able to meet their quota. The answer we give at TBN Sales Solutions is always the same: one has a process, the other doesn’t. We don’t just mean a process based on how many appointments do you run, how many proposals do you give, and how many deals do you close. At TBN Sales Solutions, we are all about having a fully, executable, repeatable process that when implemented properly will result in the aforementioned goals being accomplished. Having a playbook means dissecting the sales process from molecule to atom – and having it in a written form – a sales business plan. Whether you are expanding your sales force or looking to fine tune what you have already, nothing is more powerful and more effective than a written plan.

In “Perfecting Your Playbook,” Todd  develops your customized written sales training manual. The program includes:

  1. 3 hours worth of interviews of the necessary players to determine the existing sales process your company has
  2. Internal research and analysis of all your company’s marketing materials
  3. Examination and development of company and individual goals
  4. Establishment of a customized sales process for your organization. This process will include:
    1. Scripts
    2. Template letters
    3. Checklist of procedures
    4. Step by step instructions in each aspect of your sales process. What is your selling process?
  5. Completed manual will be e-mailed, as well as a hard copy delivered
  6. 1 hour phone consultation to review the completed project with opportunity for questions and answers

100% satisfaction guaranteed.