How to Double your Prospects in 1/2 the Time


Objective: To establish a systematic approach to uncover legitimate, qualified opportunities in an effort to figure out where to find these opportunities, how to find these opportunities, and what to do with these opportunities to ultimately earn clients.

Prospecting: Uncovering qualified opportunities through various methods in an effort to advance potential clients in the sales process

Activity. Activity. Activity.

Nothing is more critical in the sales process than getting out there, telling your story and uncovering opportunities. You can’t close a deal if you don’t have a deal to close. But before you can have a deal to close, you must first know how to find an potential deal to earn that appointment: firm date, firm time.

You must know how to capture that audience in the first 30 seconds to even see if they are potential. People don’t only buy from people because they like them, but they will never buy from someone they don’t like.  Likewise, people don’t only listen to others because they like them, but no one will listen to someone they don’t like.  People listen when you earn the right to sell.  Don’t come down to people’s level. Come up to their level.

In "How to Create Your Own Gold Rush” Todd outlines the step-by-step of process of prospecting. Todd answers the following questions:

  • What is prospecting?
  • Why must we set firm appointments?
  • How do we confirm an appointment, without confirming it?
  • How do we track our prospecting to know our “numbers”?
  • What is an initial benefit statement?
  • Why do we need an initial benefit statement?
  • What are features, advantages and benefits?
  • How do these features, advantages and benefits get incorporates into my initial benefit statement?
  • How do you use your initial benefit statement?
  • What is empowering the gatekeeper?

Handouts: Daily Tracker, Expect Excellence, Everything I Need to Prospect, Feature List, Advantage List, Benefit List, PAL, Role Plays, “The Stonecutter”

In the six weeks following your training, we had an increase of between 15 and 20% in the sheer number of proposals that went out the door. There was definitely an increase in the number of calls that were made and the number of opportunities that we responded to. There was more of the right kind of contacts being made and the right kind of questions being asked. We now have a common, consistent message. This was all accomplished as a direct result of the TBN Sales Solutions training.
— Harry Dykeman, Vice President of Sales, JDM Infrastructure, Chicago, IL
I am writing to offer my sincere thanks for your great seminar and terrific one-on-one follow up. You delivered on all your promises. When we first met, you said you could customize the sales process for my staff. My staff is great, but they cringed to think of themselves as working in sales. But you changed that. You made the material fun, easy to understand, and best of all, relevant to their particular daily working environment.
After your workshop, every participant reported an increase in the total number of prospect contacts (increases from 100% to 600%) and more importantly their total sales numbers increased as well. The average employee doubled their daily sales volume. In short, my staff approached more potential customers, and I put more into the bank thanks to your seminar.
— Walter Miller, President, Tyler Wellness, Chicago, IL
Your training was extremely beneficial and we have seen immediate results. Our new salespeople are scheduling twice as much activity as the initial results from some of our other training classes. Much of this success is a direct result of your hands on approach. The feedback from our sales force was very positive. They thought that your program was very interactive, as well as entertaining.
— Paul Rosen, Director of Sales, Related Payroll Services, Oak Brook, IL