How to Double Your Company's Prosperity in 1/2 the Time

Team Building

Objective: To establish systematic approaches to building a cohesive unit within an organization where employees have the opportunity to fulfill their potential by committing to the success of the company, their team and themselves as individuals.

Team Building: A way to maximize strengths of individuals, while minimizing weaknesses through a mutual understanding of one another in an effort to achieve a common goal of success for all.

People want to be with others. They want to know that there is more in this crazy world than just them. They want to know they are not alone. They want to be part of something more than themselves. They want people to care.

Caring does not limit itself to your personal life. Do you know that based on an eight-hour workday, 40-hour workweek, and eight hours of sleep per night, then you spend nearly 50% of your waking hours in the office?  If you don’t feel good about yourself, it can be quite emotionally draining, as well as physically draining.

Nothing is a more motivational than the support from those around you. Likewise, nothing is more damaging than the lack of support from those around you. But because we all have unique qualities and unique limitations, adhering to the latter can be quite a challenge.

In “The Togetherness of Team Building, ” Todd outlines the step-by-step of process of team building. He answers the following questions:

  • What is team building?
  • Why do we build a team?
  • What are your individual characteristics?
  • What are your strength and limitations?
  • How can others maximize strength and minimize limitations?
  • How do one’s goals relate to another’s goals relates to the company goal’s?
  • How does one’s responsibilities relate to another’s responsibilities?
  • Why is recognition so critical on all levels?
  • How do we recognize others?
  • What does it mean to empower one another?

Handouts: Carlson Learning (DISC) Profile, Dare to Dream! Role Plays 

Since your first visit, we have noticed the following: heightened awareness of personal goals, heightened awareness of professional goals, conversation between employee about how to function as a team, and more interaction between employees and management.

“We have noticed quite a difference with the way things are handled at the Wauconda facility. It seems that problems and dilemmas are easier to respond to. We now have a way for the employees to respond to management as well. These new techniques that you have taught us have opened up many doors of communication, which were never present before. We feel that these new techniques are necessary for our company to succeed into the future. We also feel that the employees are responding more as a team, instead of as independent person.

“Thanks again for the insight and inspiration which your leadership and team building training has provided our company. It has become a valuable asset to the way we do business at Wadsworth Pumps.
— James Wadsworth, Director of Operations, Wadsworth Pumps, W.J. Wadsworth and Associates, Inc., Wauconda, IL