How to Double Your Sales in 1/2 the Time

Running A Sales Appointment

Objective: To establish a systematic approach to running a sales call to identify a prospect’s needs and wants to provide a solution that will satisfy these needs and wants that will ultimately end in new business.

Selling: Influencing others to achieve a desired result that is mutually beneficial to both parties involved

Customers do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. They say we were built with two ears and one mouth for a reason. But still, salespeople forget this. Those who say they don’t, are too often unaware that learning a customers’ needs goes beyond just asking the questions. It means asking the questions and then presenting a solution based on the answers to those questions.

Showing a customer you care means having a strict process that you abide by. It means valuing the customer’s time, but not more than your own. Showing how much you care means having structure, being confident, and having a plan. It means selling how you want to buy.

In “How to Double Your Sales in ½ the Time ” Todd outlines the step-by-step of process of running a sales call. Todd answers the following questions:

  • What are the steps in a sales call?
  • What questions do you need to ask on a sales call?
  • What do we do with the answers to those questions?
  • What is the difference between listening and hearing?
  • How do we “cut and gush” to engage the prospect?
  • Why is KISS so critical in presenting?
  • How do we close—the EASIEST step in the sales process?
  • How do we have customers sell themselves?
  • How do we ask for referrals?
  • Why are preparation and follow-up the two most important steps in the sales call?

Handouts: PALS, Everything I Need to Close a Deal, Prospect Questions, Role Plays

Thank you for an outstanding presentation at this month’s Aurora University Sales Institute. Your session brought home the point that we genuinely can take practical steps to differentiate ourselves by probing into the specific need of our buyers more so than our competition. By doing so, we are more likely to tap into the buyer’s ‘joy of buying’ as you very well pointed out. Your session was very productive by providing substance that participants could actively work with. Your presentation was very much appreciated by our 90-plus participants.
— Shawn Green, Associate Professor of Marketing, Director of the Aurora University Sales Institute,
I liked the 5 questions to ask on a sales call and how to ask them. This will help me relate to customers, get on their level and more information from them. You communicated well, have a good sense of humor and got your point across.
— Megan Foley, Sales Representative, Kinko’s, Chicago, IL