Success Stories: Technology

I’ve signed new consulting contracts and brought on new clients over the last three months by using techniques and ideas that you have taught. My overall approach to sales is much more structured and effective after having your sales coaching.

“I’ll be honest. Initially, I was skeptical of your program, but I can say now it well worth the time and money. I continuously use the following on a weekly basis:

Structure and Schedule- I use the schedule we worked out daily.

Attainable Goals and Metrics- I just rewrote my goals for the second time and will to do this every three months. It’s a great exercise.

Emphasis & Wording- I constantly catch myself use phrases like, “Just like you…” and “I don’t want to waste your time or mine…” In addition, I pitch clients with a new awareness of what I am saying and what words I am using- much less technical.

Benefits Statement- Our benefits statement we composed can be found at the bottom of every e-mail I send and in our information packet.

PALS- I constantly send out the PAL for all my meetings

Probing Questions- I use your list of probing questions with new clients all the time.

“I would highly recommend you to anyone wishing to get a better grasp of the sales process or to refine their marketing and sales strategy. I have a much, much better grasp of the sales process and how to use it.
— Nathan Laurell, Partner, Technacity, LLC, Chicago, IL

Advanced Telecommunications of Illinois chose to work with Todd because of his successful background in sales and sales management. We have an experienced team of sellers who can appreciate and respect new ideas from a sales trainer that has actually done what they do. Since we have begun working with Todd, we have seen a marked improvement in both our prospecting and sales activity. In the past few months our overall sales have jumped 15% with no signs of slowing down! We will continue to use Todd and his services to surpass our 2005 sales goals.
— Russell Zielezinski, VP of Sales, ATI, Lisle, IL

Todd’s book, I just got a job in Sales! Now What? Is a great guide to formalizing the sales process, setting goals and making sales. What helped the most was his personalized training that he presented to our company. During that training and subsequent personalized training, he has taught me techniques that distinguish my company from the herds of other companies in our competitive marketplace. He has helped me to increase my sales by 25% and hold onto clients that were looking at other providers.
— Bruce Currie, Account Executive, ATI, Lisle, IL

In the six weeks following your training, we had an increase of between 15 and 20% in the sheer number of proposals that went out the door. There was definitely an increase in the number of calls that were made and the number of opportunities that we responded to. There was more of the right kind of contacts being made and the right kind of questions being asked. We now have a common, consistent message. This was all accomplished as a direct result of the TBN Sales Solutions training.
— Harry Dykeman, Vice President of Sales, JDM Infrastructure, Chicago, IL

Since participating in your Prospecting, Time Management and Goal Setting Seminars, less than a month ago, we have had a record month in sales. The simple but powerful tools we learned have helped us gain a new momentum and will give us the confidence to maintain it. I would like to point out several key aspects of the training program I feel had the greatest impact on our organization.

First, the role playing, which took place in the Prospecting Seminar, gave our staff a real world experience while helping the individual salesperson build confidence in their abilities. Moreover, the part of the seminar in which we drew a distinction between features, advantages and benefits helped us develop a powerful ‘initial benefit statement.’ Our staff now has a clear focus on how our services can benefit our clients. Lastly, the Time Management and Goal Setting seminar helped us get organized. Most importantly, we put our plan on paper and developed clear objectives. You cannot hit a goal without a target. Again, I thank you for putting together a great seminar series. I enjoyed the interactivity of the seminars and you are a very good speaker.
— Alex Puig, CEO, Allied Computer Training Center, Lincolnwood, IL

I liked having the opportunity to gather together as a group and discuss different tactics and methods. I liked best the role playing and then having everyone’s evaluations. You were good. You helped everyone get involved.
— Stephanie Urbanski, Account Executive, CyberSearch Ltd.