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Terms of Publication

If you decide to use any of Todd Natenberg’s articles for publication, we ask that you print the form on this page, complete it, and fax it to (773) 442-0840 or email it to us at E-mail signatures are acceptable. If you have further questions, call (773) 755-1306.

Todd’s photo also is available in high resolution at the following link:

We agree to publish the article by Todd Natenberg noted below. In exchange, we agree to:

  1. Mail two copies of the publication in which the article appears to TBN Sales Solutions at the address listed below. If electronic, then e-mail a copy of the newsletter in which the article appears
  2. If the article will be used on a website, e-mail or mail a copy of the exact URL that the article is posted, and provide a link to
  3. Include the following statement before or at the end of the article, or as a sidebar associated with it.

About Todd Natenberg

Todd Natenberg is President of TBN Sales Solutions and Author of the book, “I just got a job in sales! Now what?” A Playbook for Skyrocketing Your Commissions.

TBN Sales Solutions increases commissions for salespeople and prosperity for businesses through customized training and consulting. His company establishes structures and procedures in all facets of the sales process, through workshops and one on one programs to teach clients to control their own destiny to impact the bottom line.

Todd also is the producer of  the home study course,  “How to Double Your Sales in ½ the Time: Sell How You Want to Buy” – a 10-hour  interactive cd series that establishes a systematic sales model to impact your bottom line.

Visit or call 866-464-0339 to learn more about Todd. He can be reached via e-mail

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