Ongoing Greatness

Objective:  To Inspect Expectations that will monitor on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis sales strategies are being executed to ensure objectives are being met regularly

The most popular complaint of sales training programs is that they work for only a short amount of time. They are a temporary solution to a larger problem. What good are strategies if they are not utilized? The only way to ensure that they are is for continual maintenance.

Expecting without inspecting results in a lack of results. There’s an old cliché in the world of personal development that there are no new ideas. All we do is take other people’s proven ideas and reshuffle the deck. But what we also do is reshuffle them in a way that makes sense, a way that results in results.  The beauty of sales – and the challenge of sales- is that things changes on a regular basis. They change in a moment’s notice. The situations we think we are trained for as soon as one week later change where new techniques must be applied. But without that redeploying, rethinking and reengineering of what is working and what can work better, the critical skills are not applied.

In “Ongoing Greantess, ” Todd becomes your company’s sustaining resource. The program includes:

  • Biweekly 1 hour phone sessions
    • What is working for you?
    • What areas would you like to see improved?
    • Todd’s recommendations to improve
    • Were the objectives met?
    • Recommendations to improve upon those objectives?
  • Biweekly follow-up e-mails