Success Stories: Trade Show Services

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity of talking your course “Skyrocketing Sales”. The adventure was very informative and useful in advancing my current knowledge in the sales field. Your course showed me precise ways to:

Set short and long term personal and professional goals
Develop an effective Benefit Statement for our product and service
Develop effective prospecting methods and how to run a sales call
Manage time by scheduling specific tasks on a daily and weekly basis
Handle objections from customers to get results
Networking skills
Giving and receiving referrals
By learning and understanding these and other topics in your course I have been able to increase my productivity and develop new skills to help grow my business.

I recommend that every new salesperson along with the veterans out there looking to improve their skills, consider your course along with your book ‘I Just Got A Job In Sales! Now What?
— Thomas F. Lobeck, Account Executive, Czarnowski Exhibit Services, Las Vegas, NV