Walk the Walk


Objective: To help individuals in the field to make more money by seeing that the proper sales techniques are being applied effectively

Theory is nice, but results are what matters. We realize that. Let us talk the talk and walk the walk. What better way than to see the applications of our recommended techniques implemented?  Whether it is door knocking, telemarketing, or accompanying salespeople on actual sales calls, we will prove our worth. We don’t claim to be experts on the products you sell, but we are experts in what it takes to close the deal.

In “Walk the Walk, ” Todd accompanies the salesperson on the call. The program includes:

  • Written coaching assessments of a per call basis
  • Written coaching assessment of telemarketing
  • Written coaching assessment of door knocking
  • What was done well?
  • What areas could be improved upon?
  • One-hour verbal discussion with manager
  • Recommendations for manager to implement with rep