How To Triple Your Sales Without Hiring A Soul


Objective: To establish a systematic approach to obtaining referrals whereby understanding when to ask, what to ask, who to ask, and how to give referrals back t will ultimately end in new business.

Referrals: An effective way to earn business in which one individual endorses the services of another individual to a third party in an effort to increase the income of all parties involved

“People want to help and want to be helped if they think they are helping. Everyone wants to help and get help from professional consultants. No one wants to buy from a salesperson.”


There is no better way to earn clients than with the help of others. Cold calling and telemarketing are necessary, but what separates the good reps from the average reps are those who can best get referrals. And what separates the OUTSTANDING reps from the good reps are those who don't settle.

Obtaining referrals is about more than just asking customers for them. It's about knowing when to ask, who to ask, and what to ask.

In “How to Triple Your Sales Without Hiring a Soul,” Todd outlines the step-by-step of process of obtaining referral s to skyrocket your sales. Todd answers the following questions:

  • How to obtain referrals from more than clients
  • How to turn every prospect into a referral
  • 3When to ask for referrals
  • Who to ask for referrals
  • How to ask for referrals
  • How to maximize e-mail in utilizing referrals
  • Understanding everyone benefits from referrals
  • How to give referrals so everyone wins

Handouts: 3-way referral e-mail templates, Referral follow-up e-mail templates, Power Point

Todd gives strong attention to detail and leaves no stone unturned in presenting the material. These presentations were so well done that he was retained to consult with GlenHill’s top salesman for an entire day; one-on-one. Organization of prospect data bases, phone techniques, elimination of trite expressions, knowing when to be quiet and when to speak are all concepts that Todd taught on that occasion. Todd has made a difference in how GlenHill Graphics’ Sales Team presents itself and we’ve taken on a whole different personality.
— John Carl, Executive Account Manager, GlenHill Graphics